BCF Psychiatry offers legal professionals a suite of forensic services to secure positive and just outcomes for clients.  Its founder, Dr. Renée Bibeault, is a Harvard-educated, Board-certified and experienced physician with a keen investigative mind.  She brings a strong base of knowledge and superlative communication skills to her role as a forensic expert.  As her client, you can expect your matter, whether complex or straightforward, to yield to incisive review, sophisticated evaluations, compelling testimony, and evidence-based conclusions.

Dr. Bibeault has been a science instructor, researcher, clinical psychiatrist and forensic evaluator.  She brings unparalleled credentials and skills that offer clarity and resolution to cases.  In addition to her forensic work, she maintains an active and busy clinical practice.  Because she began her medical career in internal medicine, she has more extensive general medical training and experience than the typical psychiatrist. This background enables Dr. Bibeault to approach even highly complex medical-psychiatric cases with confidence and competence.

Dr. Bibeault specializes in civil cases and limited criminal cases.  Her expertise includes psychiatric expert witness services, expert testimony, psychiatric IMEs, defense and plaintiff support in personal injury, PTSD claims, disability evaluation, detection of malingering, and cases related to postpartum depression and other perinatal mental illness.  She also conducts peer review, fitness for duty evaluations, and evaluations of impaired professionals (including attorneys and physicians) and psychiatric malpractice.

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