BCF Psychiatry’s founder, Dr. Renée Bibeault, is a Harvard-educated physician with clinical training in both psychiatry and internal medicine.  She has been a licensed physician for 17 years and has broad experience across various medical and psychiatric settings treating men, women and children.

A long-time faculty member of the University of Washington Medical Center, Dr. Bibeault enjoys teaching and supervising physicians-in-training.  She maintains a busy, half-time clinical practice.

As a forensic consultant, Dr. Bibeault is committed to bringing integrity, depth, and objectivity to her role.  She thrives on the challenge of uncovering and making sense of disparate sources of information.  Her clients value her excellent communication skills, rapid grasp of complex material, robust knowledge base, and professionalism.

Dr. Bibeault is also a regional expert in reproductive (also called perinatal) psychiatry, which is the study and treatment of emotions and behaviors influenced by the reproductive cycle and its hormonal changes. Common reproductive psychiatric issues include determining the safest way to treat mental illness during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, preventing and treating postpartum depression, and managing the mood and physical symptoms of the transition to menopause.

Dr. Bibeault is originally from the Boston area, but has made the Pacific Northwest her home for two decades.  In her spare time, she enjoys writing, exploring the outdoors, playing tennis and spending time with her family.


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